When you’re setting off on a safari with Kange Safaris, peace of mind about your health and safety lets you focus on the adventure. Here’s our compact guide to ensure you stay in tip-top shape on your East African safari.

Prioritize pre-Trip Health Checks

Before you leave your country of origin, a visit to your doctor is a must. They’ll advise on vaccinations and provide any necessary medications. At Kange Safaris, we’re always here to advise on health requirements specific to your East African destinations in our interactions with you prior to your travel so please do not hesitate to ask.

The Sun down here hits hard on some days so hydration is Key

We provide our guests with bottled water to make sure dehydration stays off your list of concerns but we also advise you to have a container that you can refill regularly. If you are new to the tropical weather, it is advisable that you drink water regularly, even if you’re not feeling thirsty. Also, our safari vehicles provide shade, but we recommend a wide-brimmed hat and high-SPF sunscreen to guard against the sun’s rays, alongside UV-protection sunglasses for those bright days on the savannah.

The amazing food in East Africa can be quite tempting but it is key to eat mindfully

On your safari, endeavor to eat new foods slowly and in small amounts so your stomach gets used to them. Tell your guide about any food allergies or diets you have—they’ll help you find the right food. Always drink bottled water and wash your hands before you eat. This way, you can enjoy your meals and stay healthy.

Trust and listen to your guide

Our safari guides are like guardians in the wild, well-trained to look after you. They know the land and its creatures inside out, making sure you’re safe at all times. When you follow their lead, you’re sure to be in good hands throughout your journey.

Keeping these health and safety tips in mind, you’re all set for a secure and memorable journey with Kange Safaris. Your well-being is our priority, so you can treasure every moment in the wild without a worry.